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{{itGetString("general", "Login_Legend", "Log in to your account")}}

{{itGetString("general", "Login_Invalid_Creds", "Your credentials are not correct.")}}
Or, alternatively;
{{itGetString("general", "ResetPassword_Done", "Your password has been reset to:")}}

{{itGetString("general", "ResetPassword_NoUsername", "Enter your username to reset your password; an e-mail will then be sent with further instructions.")}}

{{itGetString("general", "ResetPassword_Working", "Processing your request; please wait…")}}


{{itGetString('general', 'App_PoweredBy', 'Powered by Realizeit')}}

{{itGetString("general", "Roles_Loading", "Identifying your roles…")}}

{{itGetString("general", "Roles_None", "You have no roles associated with your account (or your role is not available).")}}

{{itGetString("general", "Roles_One", "Activating your experience…")}}

{{itGetString("general", "Roles_Heading", "Choose role")}}

{{itGetString("general", "Roles_Select", "You have multiple roles; select the one that you want to use now.")}}

  • {{oRole.Description}}